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PreSonus Monitor Station V2 Desktop Studio Control Center Volume Controller

Condition: Used - Excellent+
PreSonus Monitor Station V2 Desktop Studio Control Center Volume Controller
Our Price: $ 209.99


MSRP: $369.95

Chassis: a few light scuff marks and scratches can be seen on the top, bottom, and sides as well as on the rear connection panel

Buttons, Pots, and Faders: all function flawlessly, however the cap is missing from the Attenuation control, but it can still be adjusted via the post

Jacks and Connectors: all the connectors are intact and function flawlessly

LED Lights: all the LED lights work properly

Includes: monitor control station, quick start guide, and original box (power adapter not included)

With its ergonomic, intuitive layout; extensive features and I/O; and PreSonus’ famed sound quality, the Monitor Station V2 provides a versatile, convenient, and affordable solution for managing your studio monitoring system from your desktop. Monitor Station V2 delivers the features you need to customize your monitoring system with eight-segment, three-color LED meters that indicate left and right signal levels. These LED meters can be set in any of three modes for use with +4 dB, +10 dB, or +18 dB signal levels. A Mono switch sums the stereo outputs so you can check for phase problems. A large, conveniently located knob controls the main speaker output level (but not the main line-level outs), and a Dim switch with attenuation knob lets you reduce the speaker output by a variable amount (-30 to -6 dB). Of course, you can mute the speakers as well. Each of us works a bit differently, so PreSonus gave you several ways to customize your Monitor Station V2. Input selection, speaker selection, and the aforementioned LED meter mode can each be set and saved during power up so you can customize your recording system for the way you work. The input selection can be set in either Summing mode (TRS1, TRS2, and Aux-S/PDIF are summed together when engaged), or in Toggle mode (TRS1, TRS2, and Aux/Phono can only be selected one at a time). Speaker selection can be in All On mode (speaker A, B and C can be engaged simultaneously), Toggle mode (speaker A, B, and C can only be selected one at a time), or Subwoofer mode (A and B are selectable, and C can be selected with A or B). This Monitor Station V@ from Presonus is just what your studio needs to optimize efficiency!


  • Main volume mute, and mono control for three sets of balanced TRS speaker outputs each with fine level adjustment
  • 4 loud and clear headphone amplifiers with separate volume control and independent input source selection for tracking sessions
  • Onboard Talkback microphone with volume control to feed cue output and dim control for professional monitoring
  • Calibratable dual 8-segment LED lets you see your audio
  • Toggle between auxiliary and S/PDIF inputs with individual level controls
  • Solid metal chassis
  • Ergonomic desktop design

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