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T-Rex Engineering Replica Delay/Echo Electric Guitar Effects Pedal

Condition: Used - Very Good
T-Rex Engineering Replica Delay/Echo Electric Guitar Effects Pedal
Our Price: $ 209.99


MSRP: $499.99

Chassis: one of the screws is missing from the baseplate; the bottom and sides show some obvious scratches, and the top shows some noticeable scuff marks as well as a few tiny chips in the paint along the edges

Knobs and Switches: all the knobs, both mini-toggle switches, and both footswitches function flawlessly

Jacks and Connectors: all the connectors are intact and function flawlessly

LED Lights: the LED indicators work properly

Includes: guitar effects pedal and power adapter (cables and manual not included)

The T-Rex Replica delay has won so much praise and received so many great reviews, it’s hard to know where to start describing what’s made this pedal such a phenomenon. Is it the perfect mix of controls, the ingenious tap control feature, the astonishingly warm tone?
Replica delivers everything the most demanding guitarists could want in a delay. Their most famous model in production, the Replica, is a digital delay pedal. The Replica is used by a number of popular artists, including David Gilmour, Pete Townshend, John Mayer, Steve Morse, Andrey Makarevich, and was used by Gary Moore. It has been awarded Guitar Player magazine's Editor's Pick award. The Replica provides up to 1550ms of digital delay at a 200 kHz sampling rate thanks to its two Burr Brown 24-bit converters (one A/D, one D/A). Its controls consist of four knobs: Echo, Repeat, Level, and Tempo. It also has two footswitches: On/Off, and Tap Tempo (which can be controlled via MIDI); and two miniswitches: Brown and Subdivision. The pedal can be made to mimick the sound of older delay equipment by engaging the Brown circuit, which enables a high-cut filter that muffles the sound. I'm sure this T-Rex Replica will find a permanant spot on your pedalboard!


  • Delay/Echo effects pedal
  • 2 x Burr Brown 24-bit converters
  • One A/D, one D/A
  • Sample rate of 200kHz
  • Hybrid analog/digital circuitry
  • Unity gain
  • Brown button (repeat-only hi-cut filter)
  • Hot-wire bypass
  • Delay up to 1550ms
  • Tap tempo function
  • MIDI controllable
  • Subdivision function
  • Solid metal chassis
  • Made in Denmark

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